There are many Traffic Free Cycle Routes Scotland

A Guide to Traffic Free Cycle Routes Scotland

A Guide to Traffic Free Cycle Routes Scotland

The best way to discover the beauty of Scotland is on two wheels! Scotland is the perfect destination to find a thrilling bike adventure or family friendly cycling routes. You can find traffic free cycle routes Scotland​ in our guide – let’s get started!

Enjoy Traffic Free Cycle Routes Scotland today!

Loch Ard

Within the Trossachs National Park lies three family cycling routes. Scotland is well known for its rolling landscape and beautiful lochs, these cycling routes are perfect for a day spent exploring Scottish lochs. You can access these routes from the Forestry Commision car park in Milton.

1. Lochan Spling Trail

The Lochan Spling Trail is a 2 ½  mile trail, 4.2 kilometres, meanders through compact forest roads that any bike can handle, and a fantastic cycle route for children. The secluded loch trail is level, with only 60 meters of ascent which makes it a perfect cycling route for young children.

2. Loch Ard Sculpture Trail

This family cycling route is 4 ¼ miles or 6.7 kilometres. This trail is well suited for a day filled with sights of red squirrels, deer, and even the occasional fox. You’ll be left in wonderment by the shores of the Lochan a’Ghleannin and beautiful wildlife sculptures.

3. Eight Mile Loop

At 8 ½ miles, 13.8 kilometres, this cycling route is better suited for older children and family members. Eight Mile Loop offers breathtaking views of Duchray Water and wide trails that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy a ride side by side. This is a longer, but equally peaceful family cycling route.

Deeside Way

The Deeside Way offers 41 miles, about 66 kilometres, of cycling routes spanning from Aberdeen to Ballater and the Cairngorms National Park. This traffic free cycle route begins at Ballater’s Station Square. The trail runs parallel to the River Dee and boasts sweeping mountain views. You and your family will find enjoyment in discovering original Scotland railway stations along the way. 

The path will take you on a detour after 2 miles/3 kilometres, guiding you towards Tullich Kirkyard. This is an ancient ruin filled with Pictish stones. The most “recent” church was abandoned in 1798, but the earliest church to grace this site was built in the 600s! Feel free to roam the grounds and admire this historical site.

Continue to the historical Cambus O’May suspension bridge and enjoy the pleasant scenery of the River Dee. This is a popular destination among tourists and locals alike! From the bridge, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife in the Muir of Dinnet.

There are many Traffic Free Cycle Routes Scotland

The Great Glen Way

If you’re looking for another traffic-free cycle route, Scotland has more to offer! This trail is a popular cycle route for children. The Great Glen Way, part of the Caledonia Way, offers 234 miles, 376 kilometres, of long-distance off-road trails. This 11 mile/17 kilometre cycling experience begins at Fort Augustus. The town is teeming with cafes; perfect for fueling up before a day filled with awe-inspiring adventure. 

The level route begins at the southern edge of Loch Ness, ideal for potential Nessie sightings.  Then, the traffic-free cycle route will guide you through the 118-year-old Loch Oich railway tunnel. At the end of the family cycling route, you’ll reach Laggan Locks with sweeping views of mountains nestled alongside the canal.

Parking is available at both ends of the cycle route. It is an invigorating experience along the Caledonia Way for every family! If you’re looking for even more traffic-free cycling routes, Scotland can provide you with an endless supply of adventure. Highland Cottage Rentals offers a comprehensive guide to help you plan your trip.

Store Your Bikes Safely at Night

These self accommodating homes are a great option for your next holiday. Both are outfitted with a private bike shed, suitable for four bikes. They are central to the Cairngorm National Park, countless cycling routes, and located in the quaint town of Ballater, Scotland. 

You’ll have access to convenient amenities, all within cycling distance of both lodges. Riverside Cottage boasts heated floors and a Swedish wood-fired hot tub. Feel free to bring your four-legged family member along, as this cottage has a pet-friendly, enclosed courtyard.

Dormie Cottage is an equally beautiful holiday home. It is central to Ballater Golf club, accommodates six guests, and provides plenty of tinder for a wood-burning stove. You won’t regret a holiday spent at either holiday home!

Every moment spent in the wilderness of Scotland will be breathtaking new experience! The sweeping landscape, wondrous lochs, and impressive wilderness will provide you with memories for a lifetime. Spend your next holiday exploring endless traffic-free cycle routes, Scotland welcomes you and your family to create a unique and epic adventure!

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